German Style Products

We can We We Process specialty meats for our customers, such as venison, bear, etc.

Processing can take up to two weeks.

There is a 10 pound minimum of boneless meat for each product we make.

Your meat can be processed into:

Sausages: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Breakfast or Chorizo - 1/3 Pork Added

Kielbasa - 1/3 Pork Added

Summer Salami - 1/3 Pork Added

Franks - Double the meat back

Bologna - Double the meat back

We can also grind the meat into Hamburger with Pork or Beef added.

Vacuum Sealing is available as well at an additional cost.

Please bring your meats to be processed to the right hand side of the building and ring the bell. One of our employees will gladly assist you.