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Find the best German wursts, meats and sausages: Alpine Deli & Meat House-Honesdale,PA

Located in Honesdale, in the Northern Pocono region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, The Alpine Wurst & Meat House has been a premier manufacturer of German sausages, smoked ham, Kassler Rippchen, cold cuts and meats for over forty years. Our three on site smokehouses assure you the best authentic smoky flavor; while providing the best quality sausages produced with the utmost care and attention.  In addition, The Alpine Wurst and Meat House offers wholesale pricing for many of our products.  The Alpine's line of homemade sausages, including bratwurst, knockwurst and kielbasa, just to name a few, is the perfect solution for your upcoming Oktoberfest celebration.  Or perhaps you are in need of authentic German fare for your restaurant.  Consider an order from The Alpine Wurst and Meat House Wholesale to fill your needs. 
The Alpine Wurst and Meat House, Inc., is one of the few USDA inspected manufacturing plants in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where the sausage is still made with the old country flavor and style. We also carry USDA Certified Pureland Black Angus Beef. The only retailer in Northeastern Pennsylvania.